Mission, Vision, & Values.


The Garner Magnet High School Drama (GMHS Drama) Department develops innovative and courageous artists and scholars poised to be the creative leaders of tomorrow.


As our contribution to creating a more just, equitable, and empathetic society, GMHS Drama seeks to cultivate a community of highly-skilled artists, scholars, and citizens who are engaged with the world and invested in theatrical storytelling—in all its guises—as a means of elevating and celebrating our individual and collective voices, promoting understanding, and nurturing compassion.


Excellence Community Integrity
Accountability Diversity Curiosity
Risk-taking Access Empathy
Rigor Belonging Kindness
Courage Equity Respect


GMHS Drama is committed to:

  • supporting and nurturing the artistry and scholarship of every student, and honoring their identities, perspectives, and traditions
  • creating an active learning environment which fosters meaningful work and contributes to a rich and lasting community
  • promoting the development of strong character, expressed as individual responsibility, public involvement, and a continued commitment to personal growth beyond the academic experience
  • grounding our practice of experimentation, risk, and innovation in the study of longstanding theories and traditions
  • extending the limits of those creative and analytical processes which continually renew the art